First Call (Available in US only)

LeadPoint First Call Service

Developed through a strategic relationship with, one of the most successful and knowledgeable hot transfer firms in the lead generation industry, First Call enables you to increase productivity and ROI so that you can grow your business without taking on the added risk of increased overhead.

Current Problem
Outbound calling can be frustrating, wasting your company time and money through inefficiencies.

Inefficiencies Include:

  1. Difficulty reaching customers despite repeated efforts
  2. Customers no longer interested when reached
  3. Customers not qualified for your service when interested

How will First Call improve my business?

  1. You send your leads (purchased from any source)
  2. Per your criteria, agents are trained to exclusively work your account (effectively becoming an extension of your company)
  3. Agents contact and qualify your leads before transferring them to your sales professionals
  4. You receive only LIVE, INTERESTED, and QUALIFIED consumers!

Summary of Benefits

  1. Freed from outbound calling, your sales professionals can now focus on what they do best, close deals
  2. Morale is increased, resulting in higher retention rates of top-performing sales professionals
  3. More applications can be processed without needing to increase overhead/staffing
  4. Additionally, you receive Quality Verification and Return Processing services as part of the service


* Banctel is a leader of high performance call center solutions for the lead aggregation industry.


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