LeadPoint Connect

LeadPoint Connect (BETA)

The lead generation industry provides a highly effective marketing solution for reaching and converting consumers, but suffers from ambiguity, inefficiencies and fragmentation.  LeadPoint Connect solves this problem by enabling buyers and sellers to connect directly through a transparent, simple, and centralized process.

How does it work?

  1. Buyers & Sellers send one another invitations to connect directly over the LeadPoint exchange
  2. Each party retains the right to accept or reject invitations they receive
  3. Accepting an invitation takes only a moment
    1. Current LeadPoint partners accept by logging into their account through a link in the invitation
    2. Others can easily open an account using the link in the invitation
  4. Once an invitation has been accepted, buyers and sellers are connected within the LeadPoint Exchange and may immediately carry out lead transactions with one another


Transparency, Accountability and Trust
LeadPoint Connect provides transparency by enabling buyers to purchase leads directly from specific sellers.  Robust reporting tools allow buyers to track campaign performances and hold sellers accountable for results.  Top sellers are rewarded for quality and buyers are able to purchase leads with confidence.

Streamlined Lead Management
Managing multiple client relationships is inefficient with each party having its own billing terms, return policies, and compliance guidelines.  LeadPoint Connect eliminates these hassles by standardizing the process and managing these time consuming administrative tasks, providing for effortless management of multiple relationships. With the saved time, each party is free to concentrate on what they do best.  Sellers can generate more leads and buyers can focus on conversions.

Fast & Easy Setup
Setting up new client relationships and campaigns is typically a lengthy process.  In addition to drawn out contract negotiations, there are integration and logistical issues.  LeadPoint Connect simplifies this process with one contract and one point of integration for every participant.  Buyers and sellers can initiate new campaigns and start trading leads in minutes!

Quality Governance
Each lead sold through our network passes through our BuyerProtect program, a multi-step verification process that continuously monitors and improves lead quality.  Leads are screened against internal and leading third-party verification technology to validate phone numbers, home addresses, and email addresses.  In addition, LeadPoint contacts a percentage of leads to confirm consumer interest, screens for duplicates, and provides a standardized and equitable return policy.  Through such industry leading quality measures, buyers and sellers avoid unnecessary aggravations, making it easier to build and maintain productive relationships.


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