LeadPoint Exchange (Real Time)

LeadPoint pioneered the lead auction-exchange model in 2004. All leads from the marketplace are submitted, verified, matched and sent to buyers in real time. Quality is of utmost importance and we take pride that buyers consistently rank our real-time leads as one of their best performing sources for qualified customers.

Purchasing leads over the exchange is easy. Buyers can start receiving leads in minutes; all that is required is to select lead criteria, pick a price, and provide a delivery method.


The LeadStore is an aftermarket where data leads not sold in the real-time market are available for purchase.  Priced at a significant discount to real-time leads, leads purchased from the LeadStore provide buyers with an excellent opportunity to acquire large quantities of leads meeting exacting criteria at a terrific price.

Hot Transfers (Coming Soon)

Generated from data leads, consumers are pre-screened and qualified by a live sales professional before being transferred to your sales professional. Each call is accompanied by a text copy of the lead to enable you to quickly track the conversion process.  With LeadPoint Hot Transfers, you are guaranteed to speak with a LIVE, INTERESTED, PRE-QUALIFIED consumer with every call. 

Voice Direct (Coming Soon)

LeadPoint’s Voice Direct provides your sales professionals with exclusive consumer generated voice leads.  Because these voice leads are sourced from TV & Radio and qualified by a LeadPoint Interactive Voice Response (IVR) unit before being transferred, they consistently deliver some of the highest closure rates in the industry.


LeadPoint Connect

LeadPoint now offers new ways for buyers and sellers to interact across our state-of-the-art lead generation platform! Click to read more

Defined by Quality

We offer an industry leading robust quality verification process for leads. Learn how we deliver only the highest quality leads. Click to read more