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LeadPoint Lead Quality

LeadPoint is committed to providing the highest quality leads possible. LeadPoint doesn’t just talk about quality, we use proven processes to ensure that our buyers receive leads that generate the highest possible return!

LeadPoint leads come only from sources that have passed quality verification benchmarks. Lead suppliers must meet stringent quality metrics regarding contact rates, application rates and closing rates. LeadPoint continuously monitors the quality of incoming leads, increasing lead flow from quality sources while removing poor performing sources.

LeadPoint further improves quality by matching leads against consumer data and contacting a percentage of leads from each source to verify interest. LeadPoint proudly stands behind the quality of every lead sold in our market and will return any lead where a consumer is verified as invalid, never applied or applied due to misleading marketing.

LeadPoint BuyerProtect(TM) Process

LeadPoint’s BuyerProtect(TM) Process leverages five steps that continuously work to monitor and improve the quality of leads that flow through the exchange:

  1. SecureRights Verification: Leads are matched against a third-party consumer group that weeds out consumer who have asked not be contacted about via phone and e-mail offers
  2. Lead Validation: LeadPoint’s proprietary data validation technology verifies that consumer names, phone numbers and address are all valid
  3. Consumer Feedback: A percentage of leads from each seller are contacted to confirm their genuine interest in the offer they have applied for
  4. Buyer Feedback: Feedback received from buyers enables LeadPoint to target better performing leads and weed out less performing leads
  5. Source Optimisation: LeadPoint lead sources are optimized based on lead performance to maintain and improve the quality of leads flowing through the exchange.


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