LeadPoint introduces volume minimum


From May 1st, all new LeadPoint lead buyers will be advised to take a minimum number of leads for their first month of lead purchasing. The minimum volume will depend on the lead product, lead price and average market conversion rate. For first-time buyer, next-time buyer, buy-to-let, remortgage and debt management leads the recommended minimum will be 30 leads for the first month. For life insurance, ASU/income protection and Private Medical Insurance leads the minimum recommended volume will be 20 leads for the first month.

Lead buyers can create a LeadPoint account for free and all new customers will be contacted by one of LeadPoint’s New Business Team who will recommend a lead generation campaign that is most appropriate for their business. There is no obligation for lead buyers to accept the recommended minimum volume level and lead buyers can choose how many leads they want per day on weekdays and on weekends. Lead buyers pay for leads by uploading funds with a credit card into their LeadPoint account and they only pay for the leads as they are received.

Justin Rees, LeadPoint UK Head of Marketing said:

“The biggest difference between companies who are successful from buying leads compared to the ones that aren’t is whether they utilise our best practice information which we provide to all customers. We have supplied over 6 million leads since 2004 and have an unrivalled insight into what works and what doesn’t work for lead buyers.

The fundamental issue that lead buyers need to understand is that lead generation – like any marketing exercise – is a numbers game. Whether you are buying life insurance leads converting at over 20% or remortgage leads converting at 10% it is impossible to predict which leads you buy will convert into business. If you buy 10 leads you could convert them all or none. To achieve these market conversion rates, lead buyers have to take a large enough volume of leads from the outset.

“By recommending a minimum volume, it will increase the likelihood that lead buyers will experience the market conversion rates and therefore achieve good return on investment.”


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