Advisers Hunt for Bargain Leads


LeadPoint “aftermarket” leads are sold through the LeadPoint LeadStore. Any real-time lead that is not purchased from the marketplace by a Lead Buyer goes straight into the LeadStore. “Aftermarket” leads are available to all LeadPoint customers. LeadStore leads are cheaper than real-time leads and the price decreases over time so a lead that is 3 days old will be cheaper than a lead that is just 1 day old.

All LeadStore leads are sold exclusively and are available for all lead products. The same filters available for real-time leads are also available for aftermarket leads. For example, for mortgage leads advisers can search by the age of the lead, postal area, credit grade, loan amount and LTV. As soon as the lead is purchased from the LeadStore, the consumer will immediately be sent an email letting them know they have been matched with an adviser who will contact them about their request for advice.

Justin Rees, LeadPoint UK Head of Marketing said:

“An increasing number of advisers are turning to lead generation for the first time to help them source new business in an increasingly difficult climate. Although there is no obligation for a LeadPoint Lead Buyer to spend a minimum amount on lead generation, as a marketing exercise you need to buy at least 50 or more leads to generate a healthy return on investment.

With some lead products such as Life Insurance selling for over £30, it is often difficult for many advisers to commit hundreds of pounds to a lead generation campaign especially if they have never bought leads before. By buying “aftermarket” leads at lower prices, advisers can get a feel for lead generation with a much smaller initial outlay. The cheaper leads can be used by advisers to refine their processes for working and managing the leads before they start buying “hotter” real-time leads at higher prices.”


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