LeadPoint Celebrates third birthday


LeadPoint, the world’s first lead exchange marketplace, this week celebrates its third birthday.

LeadPoint traded its first mortgage lead in the UK in July 2006 and in just three years has grown year-on-year and now supplies over 3,000 leads a day across 15 lead verticals to over 2,500 lead buyers. LeadPoint has expanded its product offering to include insurance leads, debt management leads and has also launched into non-financial lead products.

LeadPoint’s ongoing success culminated in the recent annual GP Bullhound Media Momentum awards where LeadPoint was announced as the fourth fastest growing digital media company in Europe. Since its launch LeadPoint has also made significant contributions to the fledgling UK online lead generation market. LeadPoint is one of the founder members of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) online lead generation task force helping them to publish a series of white papers on online lead generation.

LeadPoint currently trades over 15 lead products including Mortgages, Loans, Private Medical Insurance, Debt Management & IVA, Life Insurance, ASU and Home Insurance leads. Lead Buyers can create a LeadPoint account for free and start buying leads within a matter of minutes after signing up.

Nick Chapman, LeadPoint UK Managing Director said:

“We are delighted to be celebrating our third birthday in the UK. Despite the tough trading conditions we have continued to grow Quarter on Quarter since we launched in 2006. In just three years we have grown to become a major player in the UK financial lead generation market and have even made our first steps into non-financial areas.

Our success over the last three years has only been possible due to the continued success of our lead buying customers. We still have a number of firms working with us who have been there from day one. Lead Buyers only come back and buy more leads if lead generation works for them and the phenomenal growth we have achieved so far proves that it does work!

The appetite for lead generation in the UK is set to continue growing over the next few years and our cutting-edge technology puts us in a good position to continue to expand into new areas and keep growing.”


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