Mortgage purchase lead demand lifts

FT Advisor

Comparing the number of leads sold in the first three weeks of August to the same period in July, demand increased for first-time buyer leads by 88 per cent.

Buy-to-let leads also increased 223 per cent in the same period, while demand for next-time buyer leads increased 157 per cent.

Justin Rees, head of marketing at Leadpoint UK, said: “Over the last few weeks we have seen significant increase in the demand for mortgage purchase leads.

“The increase has come from both our existing lead buyers starting to get back into the mortgage market.”

He added: “An interesting trend is advisers are starting to snap up these purchase leads so they can start to build a client bank for when the market improves over the next few months.”

“Every customer that becomes a lead will have filled in a form giving over twenty pieces of information about their mortgage requirements and actively requested to be contacted by an adviser.

“Even if the adviser can’t service the consumer immediately they can be remarketed to over time and these leads can end up generating a significant revenue.”

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