IAB drives lead generation education

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Biggest players in the lead generation space join forces to promote benefits to marketers and launch a library of dedicated white papers.

The IAB has joined forces with the five biggest players in the lead generation space, forming a dedicated taskforce to implement a number of initiatives throughout 2009. The five companies – ad pepper media, Clash Media, Dianomi, Goallover, and LeadPoint – have been working with the IAB since the end of last year to devise a plan of activity, designed to further educate marketers about the benefits and practicalities of lead generation.

Open quote Online lead generation has quietly grown up in the background to become a large industry and a channel that delivers accountable results. This taskforce has been established at the perfect time to create a common language and to provide a source of guidance for the industry.Close quote - Amit Kotecha, coordinator of the IAB’s Lead Generation Taskforce
The IAB Lead Generation Taskforce is the first group in the UK established to promote the benefits and opportunities of this form of marketing, which has seen a growth of 94% worldwide in 2008 (Econsultancy, 2008). The first output from the group is an educational whitepaper for marketers: “The Online Lead Generation Guide” which has been created to introduce and demystify this rapidly expanding area of online marketing.

The document includes technical definitions of the different types of lead generation, the various delivery channels (including search, email and display advertising), considerations for UK advertisers and insights in the results you can expect to achieve. This is the first whitepaper in the IAB’s ‘Lead Generation Library’ series, can be accessed here, with further guides to co-registration and premium lead generation underway.

Open quote In a year that demands more bang for your buck, lead generation more than meets advertiser requirements for accountability and ROI. The people responsible for this resource should be commended for the speed in which they’ve produced an invaluable resource to meet this demand.Close quote - Jack Wallington, senior programmes manager of the IAB
The taskforce aims to collaborate further throughout 2009 to not only produce much-needed educational materials, but also work to achieving best practice and standardisation within this space.

Online lead generation is a form of performance marketing, which involves obtaining contact details of potential customers who have requested information on an advertiser’s product or service. It has been described as one of the most cost effective and measurable ways to acquire new customers, particularly at a time when marketers are looking to channels that are accountable and where return on investment is easily calculable.


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