Internet marketing services 'should concentrate on lead generation'

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The potential benefit of lead generation to the online industry has been discussed during an Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) seminar in which it was suggested that the sector requires a more standardised outlook.

Member of the body Justin Rees noted that, for some online PR professionals and others, there exists “a misconception between lead generation and data capture”, adding that leads need to be viewed as an “engaged consumer”, rather than “simply a name and a contact number”.

And Amit Kotecha argued that returns would only be seen by concentrating on those leads brought in through enhanced accountability, transparency and technological developments.

He later remarked that the IAB taskforce would work next year towards creating best practice and promoting this channel that appears to be intriguing so many marketers.

Advertisers were recently offered tips regarding lead generation by Econsultancy’s Patricio Robles, who suggested they group data fields together on forms as these can reduce conversion rates through being “overwhelming”.

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