eGateway partners with LeadPoint

eGateway members now have access to mortgage leads from LeadPoint at special rates.

eGateway members will be able to purchase 20 mortgage leads for £200 - a potential saving of up to £100. For £200 eGateway members get a mixed bag of 20 mortgage leads, including eight remortgage leads and 12 mortgage purchase leads (choose from first-time buyer, next-time buyer or buy-to-let leads).

LeadPoint currently trades over 15 lead products including mortgages, loans, private medical insurance, debt management and IVA, life insurance, ASU and home insurance leads.

eGateway is an intermediary site that allows advisers to save and make money by offering specific products and services.

Justin Rees, LeadPoint UK’s head of marketing said: “Many advisers are using lead generation as their main source of new business and generating a very healthy return on investment from their marketing spend. It takes time to refine all the processes involved in contacting and converting leads into business so any adviser new to lead generation needs to make sure they take at least 20 leads to get an accurate picture of what lead generation can offer them.

“Our partnership with eGateway allows advisers to start their lead buying campaigns at a reduced rate and at the same time makes sure they take a decent volume of leads which will maximise their chance of success.”

Kelvin Cooper, eGateway’s managing director, said: “The feedback that our members have given already is very encouraging, and indicates that LeadPoint return good money earning leads, in a friendly and professional way.

“Our relationship is built on the mutual understanding on what our customers require. The reduced ‘entry level’ rates makes it even easier to make the right decision.”

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