LeadPoint Launches Telephone Verification Technology


October 12th 2010 LeadPoint, the online lead generation solutions provider, today announces the launch of its real-time telephone verification system.

The telephone verification system will check automatically in real-time that the contact telephone numbers inputted by a consumer on an online form are genuine. Every time a consumer fills in a form online and enters a mobile or landline number that is not genuine they will not be able to submit their details and instead will be prompted to enter a correct number.

The new system has been tested over the last few months and initial feedback has been very positive with as many as 20% of leads being invalidated by the new system for some lead products. The overall effect has been an increase in contact rates for lead buyers and an overall drop in refund rates across all lead products.

LeadPoint provides a range of lead generation solutions for lead buyers and sellers. LeadPoint currently trades over 5,000 real-time data leads per day in over 15 lead verticals including Mortgages, Loans, Insurance, Debt Management & IVA, Legal Services and Cosmetic Surgery.

Justin Rees, LeadPoint UK Director of Marketing and Partnerships said:

“Our new telephone verification system proves our continued dedication to improving the quality of leads trading through our platform. The ability for lead buyers to make contact with consumers is paramount to their success and this new system will increase the contact rates and therefore increase lead buyers’ return on investment from lead generation.

At LeadPoint we believe passionately in using technology to improve the experience of lead buyers and sellers and over the coming months we will be launching even more features for all our customers that will continue to improve their experience.”


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