LeadPoint and Mortgage Stream launch broker software


LeadPoint, the online lead generation solutions provider, has linked up with MortgageStream to launch a new lead and case manager software.

The back office product is designed for mortgage, life and insurance advisers and their staff has been created to improve the management of new lead enquiries and the processing of the resultant applications.

The system works by allowing new leads downloaded from the LeadPoint platform to be saved into the software without the need for typing.

If required, a text message can be automatically sent to the client reassuring them that an adviser will be in contact without delay.

The imported customer details can populate the built in fact find and produce an IDD and TCF statement if required, and can then be exported to TrigoldCrystal, MBL or Home Buyer systems with a single click in order to perform the mortgage, life and insurance sourcing.

KFIs, applications and other documentation subsequently produced by the sourcing software is automatically saved back to the Lead & Case Manager, client data can also be exported from the sourcing systems to Lenders and Providers quotation systems.

This means that the entire end to end process from website enquiry to sourcing and onto online submission is now fully joined up. It has been estimated that this will save busy brokers and administrators many hundreds of hours of unnecessary data rekeying.

Justin Rees, LeadPoint director of marketing and partnerships, says: “By using our new lead and case manager system, advisers can be sure that they are tracking every single lead, exporting client data to all relevant sourcing engines and providers without ever having to rekey information, and then tracking the progress of every case to completion. We are delighted with the new system and so we are offering every broker the opportunity to try it for themselves for free.”

Paul Holden, sales director at MortgageStream, says: “The new lead and case manager software puts the mortgage broker firmly in control of their new business and so we are delighted to be working with the team at LeadPoint to help the busy broker, do more and get more in return”.


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