LeadPoint to offer life line after collapse of Leadbay

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All Leadbay brokers that have been left out of pocket are being offered the equivalent lead buying credit at LeadPoint up to the value of £1,000.
LeadPoint said any broker who is not part of the LeadPoint network will get a 10 per cent credit against monthly spend for up to £1,000 of the amount owed by LeadBay for a period of one year.

To obtain the discount Leadbay buyers have to sign up to LeadPoint’s website using the promotional code Leadbay and then contact LeadPoint with proof of their Leadbay account status and funds remaining.

Once this has been verified, the first 10 per cent credit will be added to the lead buyer’s LeadPoint account after their first month of trading.
Nick Chapman, managing director at LeadPoint UK, said it was a sad day for lead generation as many lead buyers and sellers will lose out in the wake of the Leadbay collapse.

He said: “With this offer we want to do our bit for the broker community to support them in what is already a very tough market.”

“Lead generation is still a very effective tool for brokers of all sizes to source new customers and many brokers rely on leads to fuel their business.”

“We hope that all those brokers that have been affected will be able to get their lead purchasing back on track with minimal interruption.”

“LeadPoint has continued to grow uninterrupted year-on-year since we traded our first lead in 2006. We have had a record 2010 and expect 2011 to be even better and we are always keen to invite new buyers and sellers to our platform.”


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