Get realistic with novice lead buyers

Mortgage Strategy

The most important thing for lead providers when they sign up a new lead buyer is to ensure their experience of lead generation is a success.

Whether the buyer is going to spend £200 or £20,000 for a trial, more often than not the outcome of this first spend will not just determine whether they continue to use the same lead provider, but also whether they will use lead generation again.

So how can lead providers and buyers ensure a positive outcome? While there is no single answer that applies to all buyers and sellers there are a few simple things that each can do to maximise the chance of success.

From the lead provider’s perspective, probably the most important thing to do is to be honest and give buyers a realistic expectation of what they can expect from buying leads.

For example, experienced life insurance lead buyers convert 20% or more of the leads they purchase but they only get to this level after years of experience.

Lead providers should quote these figures to their customers, although only in the context of which types of companies achieve them.

For any broker trying lead generation for the first time making your money back would be a good outcome.

With this in mind, lead providers should try to steer new brokers to cheaper lead products so that they can experience lead generation and refine their processes without it costing too much.

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