LeadPoint UK passes 2m milestone

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LeadPoint says it has passed the two million mark for leads it has traded in the UK.

It started trading in the UK in the summer of 2006, so has now traded over two million leads in under five years of operation. LeadPoint traded its two millionth lead in March 2011.

Justin Rees (pictured), LeadPoint UK’s director of marketing and partnerships, said: “Trading over two million leads in under five years is a real achievement and is testament to the fact that online lead generation is now a widely recognised marketing tool for businesses of all sizes across many industries.

“We have only been able to achieve such a feat thanks to our lead buyer and seller customers some of whom have been working with us since we first started trading leads in 2006.

“As always, we will continue to develop and try to improve the platform for lead buyers and sellers as well as launching new products and initiatives over the next few months.”

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