5 Lead Gen Top Tips for Advertisers

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Online lead generation can be an incredibly powerful tool for advertisers to fuel their sales pipelines but just “buying leads” won’t guarantee a Return on Investment (ROI). There are many factors to consider in the planning and execution of a lead generation campaign to maximise the likelihood of success and the following are five of the most important.

1. Understand the consumer journey

Leads can be originated in a variety of ways from a premium journey where a consumer might search for a product and submit thirty or more fields of information to a simple registration where the consumer might submit their contact details and not much else.

All of these methods can generate a good return for the advertiser but the key is to consider how the consumer journey fits in with your product. For example, a campaign to generate finance leads for a call centre will need a very different execution to one where you want to generate leads for building a prospect database for remarketing.

2. Don’t get hung up on price

There are many factors that determine the value of a lead but don’t make assumptions about how much you can pay for leads just based on your own CPA targets before you have talked to any suppliers.

You might have a target CPL in mind but just like anything in life, you pay more for quality and the more qualified and filtered leads are, the more they will cost to generate.

For example, if you buy leads to convert into sales in a call centre then you need leads sourced through a more premium journey which will convert better. These cost a lot more to generate than newsletter sign ups.

3. Validation, validation, validation

As well as wanting consumers that want to engage with your brand, the first challenge is to ensure the leads are contactable whether your chosen method of follow up is via email, phone or even direct mail. Some of this consumer data can be verified in real-time while other data can only be verified once you have attempted to make contact with the consumer. Make sure you ask your supplier what they do to validate and verify the lead data.

4. Follow up quickly

Increasingly, consumers expect real-time communication and when it comes to lead generation things are no different. Whatever product you are selling and however the campaign is executed make sure you follow up quickly. Quicker follow up equates to better contact rates and better conversions.

At the very least make sure “do you what is says on the tin”. If you tell the consumer they will be contacted within 24 hours then make sure you follow up in 24 hours.

5. If you can’t measure success don’t buy leads

This applies to any form of marketing but especially lead generation. If you can’t or don’t measure the return you generate from buying leads then it will be impossible to tell whether your campaigns have been successful.

Lead generation is one of the most transparent and accountable forms of marketing but it does rely on the lead buyer to be able to track back the results of the campaign to the leads purchased.  Even campaigns that are an obvious success can still be optimised if you have the right tools to measure what’s happening.

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