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One thing we are always telling our lead buyers is that the quicker you contact a lead, the more likely it is to convert into business.

With any lead provider that offers real-time leads, if you call the consumer straight away, they may often still be sitting at their computer having literally just pressed submit.

This will often produce what we call the “wow” factor, which is when a consumer is so impressed by the speed of contact that they are immediately in a positive frame of mind about the that has contacted them.

Consumers will be going online filling in forms throughout the working day and when they submit their information then lead buyers can easily follow these up immediately. But what about those consumers who go online out of office hours?

A consumer might have limited access to the internet during the day as their work might prohibit them from visiting certain sites. Therefore there will be a certain percentage of consumers who will only be able to submit their information in the evening or at the weekend.

These leads will still be delivered in real-time but as a lead buyer does this put you at a disadvantage? The answer to this question is no.

Apart from the fact that these consumers are genuine potential customers with a need for your product or service, by looking at the time these leads were submitted you can actually gain an insight into the mindset of the consumer that you may not have had from the leads bought during office hours.

For example, if you are a buying debt leads and you go into work on a Tuesday morning to find a lead that was submitted at 1am then this could very well reveal that the consumer is worried about their debt but perhaps doesn’t want to fully acknowledge the scale of their problem.

As a lead buyer, you will be able to consider this when you attempt to make first contact. You can then direct the conversation in a way that will be most suitable to this consumer. The more you know about the consumer and the better you are equipped to deal with them, the higher your conversion rate will be.

So next time you call a lead, check when they submitted their information and give yourself an even better chance of converting them into business.

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