Don't let leads dry up in summer sunshine

Mortgage Strategy

Summer has arrived and while many people’s attention will be on their holidays there are still plenty of opportunities for business.

Looking at trends over the last few years, lead volumes do dip in the summer months across many financial services products but as online marketers become sophisticated at targeting consumers, hundreds of thousands of leads are still being generated.

Most leads are still generated in one of three ways through consumers searching for a product online usually via Google, responding to a display advertisement such as a banner, or receiving an email about a product and then filling in a lead form to be contacted.

In the summer months marketers adjust the mix of how they spend their media budgets to maintain lead supply when consumer behaviour changes.

For example, looking at a popular lead like life insurance, fewer people will be searching on Google to explore their options over the summer but thousands of consumers will still be receptive to email marketing about such products.

With the right marketing messaging and call to action, it is still possible to generate a good supply of quality leads throughout the summer months.

Interestingly, the feedback from many advisers is that lead quality is often higher in the summer as with fewer consumers filling in lead forms, the ones who do tend to be more engaged and ready to do business.

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