What is Lead Quality?

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Lead quality is something that lead buyers and sellers talk a lot about without ever being able to agree on what it really is.  Whether you are buying media to generate leads or buying leads to generate sales, the metric of success is return on investment. As long as you meet your campaign objectives is there any need to discuss the more abstract concept of lead quality?

The answer to this question may be ‘no’ but even so we can all agree that high quality leads are preferable to low quality leads so there is definitely a case for further enquiry.

When tackling this issue, I like to divide “lead quality” into the two main constituent parts that contribute to achieving a return on investment from a lead generation campaign. The first part is the “contactability” of a lead or the propensity for a lead to be contactable by whatever method the advertiser chooses. The second part is the “convertability” of the lead which is the propensity for the lead to be “converted” into a piece of business.

Now obviously the two are directly related. If you can’t contact the consumer then you can’t convert the lead. Correspondingly, the more that can be done to ensure contact details are correct, the greater the opportunity to meet campaign objectives.

However, 100% contactable leads don’t necessarily mean any conversions. In theory a phone book is 100% contactable but it’s just a list of people that aren’t necessarily interested in your product. Leads where there is no consumer intent to purchase are no different to a phone book. The whole point of lead generation is to deliver consumers that have actively requested to be contacted about the product or service in question and often in real-time. The opportunity for advertisers is to make contact with the consumer while their interest level is at its greatest.

So ultimately, high quality leads are those with the highest propensity to be contacted but also to be sold to. If you get both of these right then you are more likely to hit campaign objectives and generate a healthy return on investment.

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