Should advisers care about social media?


Some financial services companies are already using social media very effectively to generate revenue but the majority of advisers probably do see social media as a bit of a novelty.

However, the fact is that social media can’t and shouldn’t be ignored by brokers.

Just looking at the numbers for the big three social networks tells its own tale.

Facebook has around 750m users, LinkedIn has over 100m users and Twitter has over 200m users which means that a significant proportion of current and future customers for financial services products are using social media right now.

Ultimately all marketing is about finding your target audience and communicating what your company does and convincing consumers why they need to speak to you.

If a large proportion of your audience is spending a large amount of time on social media platforms then this is where you need to go to find prospective customers.

And for anybody that thinks social media is just a passing fad, just take a look at how much money is being invested in social media. Google’s recent launch of their very own social network Google+ is proof enough of the importance of social media.

Google reported Q2 worldwide revenues of over $9bn and over the last ten years they have proven that most of their bets come off.

With the launch of Google+ they have sent a clear signal to the market that social media is a fundamental part of their growth strategy as they can see the huge commercial potential of the medium.

However, while social media is important, it should be considered as a compliment to other marketing activities and shouldn’t be used in isolation.

Still probably the most important online marketing tool for brokers is having a fully functioning website that allows prospective customers to find out more about the services you provide.

Your website is your shop window and a large proportion of consumers will go to your website to find out more information about you even if their first point of contact with you is through social media.

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