You want the leads?! You can't handle the leads!


You can pretty much divide lead buyers into two categories – those that make money from buying leads and those that don’t.

There doesn’t seem to be any happy medium when it comes to lead generation. So what’s the difference between those that make it a success and those that don’t?

Is it luck, is it the lead provider they choose or is it a mix of too many random variables to say for certain?

The answer is actually quite straight forward.

While luck will play a part and so will other factors the biggest difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is the ability to make contact with the consumers and this usually involves having a rigorous contact strategy in place and some sort of simple software to keep track of the progress of each lead.

Most prospective lead buyers now accept that they need to take a decent sized sample of leads (usually a minimum of 30 leads) to get a good idea of the true performance of a lead buying campaign but it’s how you handle these 30 leads that makes the difference.

Industry best practice recommendation is to try each lead 4 times throughout the day (morning, lunch time, afternoon and early evening) for 4 successive days before you can categorically action a lead.

So in theory that’s 16 calls for every lead which is potentially 480 calls in total for a trial of 30 leads. If it takes just 30 seconds to make one outbound call that’s potentially 240 minutes spent dialling which is 4 hours.

That’s a lot of time and doesn’t even take into account the conversations you will have with the consumers you do get through to.

So the question is, are you prepared to allocate 4 hours of your time (or somebody else’s in your company) to make sure you maximise the chances of success?

Unless you can then you might not generate the return on investment that you had hoped for.

Unfortunately most lead buying firms don’t have a call centre to do the dialling but there is a simple solution and that is to spread your first lead trial out over a couple of weeks.

Most lead providers will let you cap your daily lead volumes so if you take just a few leads a day you will be able to dedicate the time necessary to follow up on every lead which will increase your chances of success from the overall campaign.

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