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Just as Christmas defines December, for the mortgage industry November can only mean one thing – Mortgage Business Expo.

For mortgage intermediaries, the show is a must attend especially for those looking for new opportunities to increase business levels and generate more revenue.

It is also a great opportunity for advisers to explore areas they might otherwise have ignored or haven’t had time to investigate and lead generation certainly fits into this category.

The great thing about the expo this year is that a few of the biggest financial service lead providers will be exhibiting at the event which gives any adviser that is considering buying leads the perfect chance to speak to all the main companies in one day to find out their strengths and weaknesses.

At the very least this saves a lot of phone calls and emails!

At the same time, lead generation can often seem like a faceless industry as it is primarily driven by technology and many providers have self-serve types of platforms where all lead purchasing can be done online without ever having to speak to anybody.

The expo gives advisers a chance to meet the lead providers face to face which always benefits buyers and sellers, especially as lead generation is a very niche industry so it is useful to be able to ask lots of questions in person.

The other great advantage for advisers is that with all the lead providers at the show competing for business there are usually some great special offers and promotions for attendees from discount vouchers to free leads.

And finally, if all that won’t convince you to attend, a few of the lead companies are even providing free beer on their stands which is certainly reason enough to stop by and say hello.

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