Lead generation innovations in 2012

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We are rapidly approaching the end of 2011 and the New Year is only around the corner.

2011 has been a busy year in the world of lead generation and 2012 is set to be no different with innovation set to be a key driver in the industry. So what do lead buyers have to look forward to in 2012?

Voice lead generation

In the financial services industry, voice leads have traditionally meant hot transfers where anonymous call centres dial old data to generate interest for various products and services and any consumer that wants to speak to an adviser is transferred across.

While many firms do well from this type of voice lead and you are at least guaranteed to speak to the consumer there are still issues which can mean conversions are no different or even lower than data leads.

Everything from the age of the data used to how the call centre agents are incentivised can affect lead quality.

The next evolution in voice lead generation is where the consumer initiates the call themselves. This immediately gets around all the issues with hot transfers as the consumer intent is strong.

This means lead buyers get 100% contact rate and a consumer who is ready to transact. This type of voice lead generation is already big business in the US and 2012 is set to be the year where it takes off in the UK.

Mobile lead generation

You can’t escape the rise of mobile and statistics show that more and more people are going online on their mobiles rather than on their desktop. This presents a huge opportunity for lead providers to capture all these consumers that are going on their mobile devices looking for financial services advice.

While many companies have experimented with generating leads through mobile, nobody has yet really cracked it apart from in certain sectors like loans where it is common practice for big loan brokerages to use SMS marketing to generate loan enquiries.

The real opportunity is using display advertising on mobile where consumers will see ads for various financial products and services and then click through to a specially designed mobile landing page where they can submit their information to be contacted.

This has huge potential reach and the ability to target certain types of customers is becoming increasingly sophisticated all the time. 2012 is set to be the year where mobile lead generation starts to gain more widespread adoption across verticals.

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