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The market for remortgage leads is one of the biggest lead markets in the UK financial services industry.

Mortgage related searches are some of the most popular on Google and thousands of leads are generated each day across the market.

While an adviser firm could probably generate some of their own mortgage leads through their own online marketing, the problem is that there will be a very broad range of customers many of whom would never realistically be able to get a mortgage.

The good news for lead buyers it that most providers offer multiple filtering opportunities to advisers to target customers that are more likely to convert into business. The most common filters on offer are loan size, postal area, credit profile of consumer and maximum LTV.

The ability to filter leads by postal area enables both telephone based and face-to-face operations to capture the right type of customer. In fact many lead buyers that are telephone based still purchase leads in their local area as it means they have the option to visit the client if that’s what is needed.

Apart from buying locally, In the current market the majority of remortgage lead buyers want consumers with clean credit profiles, large loan sizes and low LTVs – typically less than 75%. However, as this is only a small percentage of all mortgage leads the prices for these lead types can be quite high and are currently trading in the £25 - £35 range across many lead suppliers.

These prices shouldn’t put off advisers with more limited budgets as there are still opportunities to pick up leads for less. Firstly, it is worth pointing out that consumers don’t always know things like their exact home values so when they fill in their information, LTVs will always be an estimate to some extent.

Many experienced lead buyers use this to their advantage and loosen their LTV requirements knowing they will get some cheaper leads that will still convert.

In addition, looking across the whole buyer market, remortgage lead generation seems to work for firms with a variety of different business models. For one thing, there are far more cross-sell opportunities with remortgage leads than many other lead products, whether it’s life insurance or even secured loans, as home owners, these leads can be very profitable for lead buyers.

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