The one thing lead buyers should know

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Over the last few years I have written hundreds of articles about lead generation, with many of them focused on what lead buyers can do to improve their return on investment from buying leads.
If I had to put all these tips in a list it could probably become a small novel but to be perfectly honest you might as well ignore them all if you don’t make sure you have addressed the fundamental most important factor that determines the success for most lead buyers and that is contact rates.

It is no coincidence that if you look at the whole lead generation market the companies that do the best from leads tend to be the larger one. It is not because they have bigger budgets or can accept lower conversion rates but because they more often than not have processes in place to contact each consumer immediately and then follow up multiple times over the course of a few days if they can’t make initial contact at the first attempt.

Now this doesn’t mean that only large companies with call centres can make lead generation work but lead buyers of any size need to get the contact piece right if they are going to make a success out of lead generation.

So what can you do to improve contact rates? The most important thing to do is make sure you contact each lead within minutes of lead receipt. Statistics show that even waiting 15 mins to make first contact can affect the likelihood of getting through. Secondly, make sure you can call each lead up to four times per day for four days before you can categorically say the lead is “uncontactable”.

Any lead buyer of any size should also invest in lead management software which for just a few pounds a month can have a dramatic impact on your contact and conversion rates. These types of software will often also enable you to automate a lot of the processes which will help you pick up incremental business over time.


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