Using social media for lead generation

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When it comes to lead generation buying leads is a great way of acquiring interested consumers but is it the only way?
The answer to this question is simple. While buying leads is important it should form part of an overall marketing strategy rather than the only source of new business. Using social media is becoming an increasingly important tool for generating leads and the great thing is that it often costs little or nothing.

If you still need convincing then the facts speak for themselves. Currently Facebook has over 850 million users, twitter over 200 million and LinkedIn over 100m users so a substantial number of your current and future clients are spending using social media which means if you ignore it you are ignoring them.

Social media is not magic so simply creating a social network page and expecting leads to appear is unrealistic, however there are a few simple things you can do to build the foundation of a successful social media strategy and generate more leads and ultimately more revenue.

Social media creates a personality for your company

More than ever, companies of all sizes have to be more creative than just telling consumers what products and services they provide. Consumers are becoming increasingly powerful and they want to know each company they might transact with far more intimately! This gives businesses an opportunity to grab the attention of consumers by creating a personality through a social profile and get ahead of their competitors.

Especially in the world of financial service where trust is so important, social media can be an invaluable tool for building a relationship with an otherwise anonymous prospective customer. Simple things like the ability for a consumer to see the face of somebody they might do business with can be the difference between a consumer choosing one company over another.

This will also be complimentary to buying leads as consumers will often try to find a company or individual adviser on a social network before they have even called.

Utilise the business potential of twitter

Every person that follows you on twitter is a prospective customer. By attracting even just a few hundred “quality” followers you will increase your chances of generating more leads. In addition, twitter can be a cheap and useful way of keeping in touch with your existing customers.

While this might sound easy, getting these consumers on board requires some work. Just like meeting someone for the first time, first impressions are everything so ensure your bio line and photo best describes your business and doesn’t come across too much as a sales pitch.

The next step is to start following other people within your target audience. Not only will this give you a birds-eye view on what on what others are doing but will enable you to make new important connections and chances are you will begin to generate new leads.


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