About Us

Empowering Lead Generation

Founded in 2004, LeadPoint revolutionized the multi-billion dollar online lead generation industry by providing the first online lead marketplace.  Today, LeadPoint trades hundreds of thousands of voice and data leads monthly to over 2,000 customers across North America and Europe, including several Fortune 500 companies.

The LeadPoint Difference

Our success is directly tied to our ability to distinguish ourselves in three defining areas.


LeadPoint pioneered the exchange model, transforming the lead generation industry.  Through a single, secure environment buyers are able to purchase real-time data and consumer initiated voice leads from top marketers across multiple verticals.  Robust, online management tools provide buyers with unrivaled flexibility in controlling campaigns and results. LeadPoint continuously develops new programs that improve transparency, simplicity, and efficiency in our exchange.

Market Integrity

Market integrity requires buyer and seller confidence in the equity of the transaction.  This confidence is tied to the transparency in quality of products sold within the marketplace.  To ensure the quality of leads sold through our exchange, LeadPoint works with only the most ethical sellers, carefully screening new sellers before admitting them into the market.  Next, a multi-step lead verification process continuously monitors and improves the overall quality of leads.  Real-time reporting tools enable buyers to measure the performance of leads and appropriately align prices with lead performance.  Buyers receive the results they require from their investments and return to buy more leads.  Sellers benefit from a market that rewards quality leads with solid demand and premium prices.


LeadPoint recognizes that lead quality depends on the end-consumer who initiates the lead.  Our processes help to ensure that leads sold over our exchange are from genuinely interested consumers.  For example, we work to screen out incentivized leads.  Additionally, robust filters enable buyers to select leads that represent their target consumers.  As a result, buyers benefit by more effectively reaching their desired markets and consumers benefit by getting the products and services they want.

LeadPoint.co.uk is a brand of Simply Media Publishing LLC, A USA company and administered by Simply Media Publishing Ltd. 86 - 90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE.


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